Lawn Tractor Disease - Similar to Coal Stove Addiction

Re: Lawn Tractor Disease - Similar to Coal Stove Addiction

PostBy: Coalfire On: Thu. Jun. 26, 2014 7:20 pm

tjnamtiw wrote:
windyhill4.2 wrote:We hear many of our customers gripe about their "residential" zero turn doing the downhill dive.Many of them have the turfsaver 2 tires & do benefit by installing the turfsaver tire or remove the wheel,break 1 bead loose & fill with windshield washer fluid for weight.

Besides price and gauge of the steel, what differentiates the 'residential' from 'industrial' versions? Anything that prevents the downhill dive? Knowing that they do that, how do the companies avoid law suits? Or the retailers?

Weight and build quality, I have used those smaller homeowner zero turns, they are not the greatest they have a very poor weight balance. Fill the rear tires with liquid that will help a fair amount. The machines basically don't have enough weight to keep them planted.

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Re: Lawn Tractor Disease - Similar to Coal Stove Addiction

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Titleist---Should I email you when I post my two Cubs for sale? :shock: They are the older red ones, by IH. Identical twins, with hydrostatic trans, 44 inch mowers and snow plows. Also a two man post hole digger, two big gocarts, both two seater with torque converters and bigger tires. I just bought a utility tractor for mowing & digging, and the grandkids are moving from carts to 4 wheeler.
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Re: Lawn Tractor Disease - Similar to Coal Stove Addiction

PostBy: titleist1 On: Sat. Aug. 16, 2014 9:07 pm

NNooooooooo - do not put temptation in front of me like that!!!! I am resisting the urge to pick up two early Original's from 12/61 and 1/62 from my neighbor! Although I think I may weaken when the pole barn gets done and I have a place to hide them from the spousal unit. :verycool:

If you are looking to have your IH's move on to someone that will appreciate them then list them on the only cub cadets forum.
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