Coffee 6-28-14

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PostBy: LsFarm On: Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:20 pm

Windyhill: you must have an amazing metabolism. If I ate that much for breakfast, I'd be asleep on the couch until noon! and that's enough calories for the whole day for me !!
I'll bet you are one of those people who have very high body temperature, and just about vibrate when 'resting'. ?? :shock:
I'm at 190#, +/- 4#. and 5'11". not fat, but not skinny.

If I eat a large breakfast, I'm hungry at noon, and eat, then hungry again at 6-7pm and eat again.. and within about a month, I've put on 10-15# and feel like a slug. I have to stay hungry to stay fit..
It's a drag, but what I've learned my body likes and is stable with.

Greg L
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: windyhill4.2 On: Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:44 pm

Normal body temp is 98.6, mine is 97.3, no caffeine ,no vibrating. I used to eat a lot more when we were farming,but had to cut back now that I am in the shop full time. I generally eat breakfast at 7:30 a/m, lunch at noon, several slices of cheese & 1/2 apple at 3:30p/m,supper at 6 p/m ,i do not eat after supper,nothing within 3 hrs of going to bed. I sure would hate to be hungry all the time like you have to be. Because of blood sugar problems I do not eat any sugar,that probably helps with the weight too.
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: Freddy On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:07 am

Hmmm... My normal body temp is 97.5.... I wonder if that's why I'm skinny?
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: wilder11354 On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:21 am

this was my work weekend, after work windrowed the field I cut thursday night to bale sunday, then to GF's neices house for house warming party. Nice (needs work) older home was gift from her BFs family w/75 acres of property. home sits across a stream w/ only a foot bridge to get to it. Nice location between two hills in valley. well time for sunday breakfast then up to farm to weed whack some while sun dries dew, then bale hay. Be safe all.
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View from operator seat while baling.
Sunny since sunrise, got tractor,baler, wagon all hooked up to bale. Small field one full wagon load in the barn.
Next weekend for the 10 acre field, like to get half done (by myself). But will only mow enough to do 2-3 wagon loads for sunday. wedding on saturday afternoon makes it a bit hearder to do. Ohhh... need a new 11Lx14 tire on baler. Side wall torn and bulging.
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: LsFarm On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:51 am

I hope the weather holds for your baling. Here, we've had rain every two days or so for over a month, So the fields are just about waist high with first cutting. Several people cut on Wednesday or Thursday. The forecast was good with a 'chance' of a shower yesterday, Saturday. It sure looked good, and right up until about 4pm yesterday the sky was clear. Then it started to cloud up, and a few showers developed. For about an hour or so the showers were just 10 miles west of us, sky was black. And they were moving south to north, just missing us.
Then they moved in, I don't think we got more than a 1/4 inch of rain, but it was enough to ruin what hay was not baled yet.
I'm sure the hay tedders are out this morning to spread out the unbaled windrows.
I haven't checked yet, maybe everyone got what they cut baled before the rain..

My body temp is also low, usually 98.0* -98.1* but unfortunately I don't have that high metabolism to burn up calories.
I have had to fight to stay in shape since high school. I have a few times let my weight sneak up to 220#, just indulging myself with second helpings and deserts. I'll tell ya, 20-25# of excess body weight really slows me down.. it makes it doubly hard lose the weight.

Freddy, I went over to Marty's Bus, and read both of your latest installments, Thank You!! Another wonderful story, and inspiration.

Greg L
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: Hambden Bob On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:50 pm

Just back from The Bay,and glad to see all the Good Reads in the Coffee House! FFred,stop droppin' yer ashes on my Rye Toast,Will 'Ya? toothy
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Hambden Bob
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: Rob R. On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:03 pm

Hello. A late check in, but I still made it. Busy weekend mowing lawn and doing outside chores. Had to do a little work on dad's "new" tractor. He bought a late 1950's Ford 801 Powermaster Diesel. I was a bit skeptical when he told me, but after looking at it I think it is totally original. It had been parked in a barn since 1983. Rear wheels were rusted out, tires flat, etc. With a new battery it started up like it had been parked yesterday. :D I can't believe how nice it runs, with some new wheels and basic service it will be ready for the field.
Rob R.
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: the snowman On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:55 pm


The water is coming from both the roof and hill behind the shop. The hill is filled with springs. The water from the hill flows 24/7. I dug a ditch around the back side of the property to divert the water away, however, whenever it rains hard the ground becomes saturated and the water finds its way into the shop. I have spent too much money on sealing the inside of the shop walls. I know this is a temp fix. I need to break down and dig a trench around the foundation and install tile, stone, and coat the wall with foundation sealer and then top off the back fill with a nice layer of clay and install gutters. Actually it would probably better and cheaper to burn the place to the ground and build new. Some days I am really tempted.

Sorry for the delayed response, the wife wanted to stay overnight at our family gatherings. We just arrived home this evening (Sunday). I hope you as well as everyone on the forum had a great weekend.

The snowman.
the snowman
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Re: Coffee 6-28-14

PostBy: SMITTY On: Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:07 pm

Sounds exactly like my house, Snowman. I got a price when we first moved in here from a company out near Boston that specializes in sealing the worst of the worst. That quote had me laughing for days! I've just accepted it as unfixable, barring a winning lotto ticket. An entire can o' worms lies in wait in that basement ... | I want no part of it. Keeps my pet frog alive anyway ... :D

EXCELLENT post Freddy over on Marty's Bus thread! What a great story!! God works in mysterious ways - I can't understand how some refuse to believe, even when things like that happen to them. I, personally, would be a fool to deny - especially after the direction my life has taken. :)

Saturday? Whaaat??? Wow another weekend blown to smithereens. Time seems to accelerate like a twin-supercharged V-12 in the summertime for some reason ...

I was reminded today how much I hate the state of RI almost as much as I hate MA. :lol: Driving there - let alone driving with 6k lbs. in tow - is THE most infuriating experience one could ever have the misfortune of being burdened with. 55 mph speed limits. People CRAWLING in the middle lane without regard to what is beside, or behind them. Staties laying in wait at nearly EVERY single mile marker (apparently they've taken advice from MA on hidden taxes ...). It's like the entire state is a mirror image of city of Worcester, only with much better scenery ... :sick:

I was welcomed back into MA with a 7 mile backup. God forbid the state mandate something useful ..... like all road paving & construction be done at NIGHT! Naw, that's way too simple!! Lets start a project, during rush hour, on an already overtaxed 2-lane highway, and funnel every single vehicle into ONE lane!! MA government brainstorming at it's finest right there. I'm gonna stop now, or I'll never get to sleep! :mad:

Ahh well - was a great day anyway. At least it didn't SNOW!
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