Dying tree fell, who is liable?

Re: Dying tree fell, who is liable?

PostBy: titleist1 On: Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:20 am

SMITTY wrote:Now, I'd be willing to bet, if a tree on YOUR land fell and wiped out the power, cable, and telephone lines, someone would be knocking at your door with a 6-figure bill .... :roll:

Here they don't charge you for clean up and fixing the power / phone (no cable out here) if a tree falls on it. Although that 'distribution charge' on the bill takes that into account. If they are not overwhelmed with storm damage, the crews I met over the years will even work with you a little while they are out there to clear other trees that may be too close to the lines. Seems like a reasonable trade off for them to do the clean up while having the utility poles on my property for no charge.

In our area there is usually a race to see who gets the tree cut up in order to get the fire wood. I used to be involved in that race but not so much anymore since switching to the stokers!! Now I just call a couple buddies to see who wants it worse.
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Re: Dying tree fell, who is liable?

PostBy: Wiz On: Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:31 am

freetown fred wrote:Plus a rate increase??????????????

No not at first, when i decided to change insurance companies it affected me. How you ask, comes up as a claim. :mad:
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Re: Dying tree fell, who is liable?

PostBy: Flyer5 On: Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:34 pm

In PA if you neighbors house ends up on your property is your responsibility. My parents found this out first hand during the 2011 flood.
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