Burning Coal in Modified Wood Stove

Re: Burning Coal In Modified Wood Stove

PostBy: Dallas On: Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:34 pm

Peter, go over and read my coal burning saga, to if what you might learn.
Really temperamental stove/draft !!
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Re: Burning Coal In Modified Wood Stove

PostBy: WIcoal On: Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:48 pm

I have an antique parlor stove that I've retrofitted for improved (wood burning) efficiency and safety. I've used it in modified form for quite a few years and am happy with its performance.
However, it has been a nasty winter here in SW Wisconsin, and my wood supply is running low. I am thinking - as an experiment - of trying to burn coal in the same stove, as a supplement to wood.
I don't as yet know what type of coal (if any) might be available locally.
Peter B.-----[/quote]
Not too far from Madison is Pardeeville, where you will find an Amish community; which uses and sells coal. Since they use the gravity flow stoves, it might be the nut size of Anthracite. In Mukwonago along I-43 a business by the name of Horn Feeds Inc, located at 728 Claredon Ave. (262-363-7116) has the soft coal that would work best for your application. I know because I went and bagged some for myself and a farmer friend, who was correct that it starts easier and doesn't fall through the grates.
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Re: Burning Coal In Modified Wood Stove

PostBy: Berlin On: Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:57 pm

you keep trying (basically) the same thing and expecting different results. make the coalbed as deep as you can get it ! NO, 6" is NOT deep! 8-9" minimum. close off ALL secondary draft. then you will get the coal to burn. there is a reason why everyone is telling you to make a deep coalbed, because it HAS to be that way. adjust heat ouput w/ air control, not amount of coal !
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