The right coal stove for me?

Re: The right coal stove for me?

PostBy: EasyRay On: Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:45 am

Devil5052 wrote:
EasyRay wrote:I paid $1575 two years ago for the Harman TLC-2000. My wife wanted something easier on the eyes than my old Temp Coal Two we had used since the Seventy's.

If you buy a TLC-2000 spend the extra $150 or what ever it was for the variable speed blower, you won't regret it. On warm days no blower and on cold days use the blower and not crank up the heat as much. On real cold days you can crank both up. On real cold days I never have to use the fan above about half speed. Another plus is when running the fan on low or slightly higher you can't even hear the fan. It will move 135 CFM at max speed.

Good luck... Your going to enjoy burning coal.

I bought this fan
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& conne cted it up with a few fittings for very little money. It is very quiet, 3 speed & sits on the floor behind the stove. If it goes, I'm only out less than $30.00

My wife would go nuts if I did that, after spending what we did and not have everything match up.
I doubt I will ever buy another stove before I end up sleeping with my ashes. Besides now we are both very warm and happy. :D
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