Coal Supply 2014

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Coal supply 2014

PostBy: turbine On: Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:01 am

Tractor Supply is now stocking Kimmels nut coal at 4.99!!!! :D
Make sure to call first before making a long drive. My location in Prince George,Va. only had 50 bags at the time I was there, they are certainly "testing the water" for sales data. I strongly suggest that you purchase no more than you use in a year. When a retailer finally does start selling coal near home, it is tempting to buy a couple years worth initially while it is near. That is a recipe for disaster. Next year the store orders even more coal to have in stock, based on strong sales for the first year. Then we don't buy coal from them because we all ready bought a year ahead. The store then has a mountain of coal that nobody bought. The store won't make the same "mistake" twice. They will never sell coal again.
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Re: Coal supply 2014

PostBy: Mantis On: Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:28 pm

Interesting view on it. A few years back I started seeing blaschak bags stack outside some gas stations next to the overpriced bundles of wood and windshield washer fluid displays. Mostly in rice but sometimes Nut. I kept a suspecting eye on them thinking they'd never move and be a bust. Coal users are prepared right? And at something like a dollar or two more per bag than a pallet deal yealds no less, aren't we frugal too? I wouldn't say they were hotcakes but the piles shrank and grew and the places are still selling them. ;)
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