Blaschak coal initial review

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PostBy: rberq On: Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:36 pm

WIcoal -- I found this for Coopersburg -- sounds like they can provide the "missing link" between people who want to buy high-quality bulk coal but have it bagged and shipped to them. I have not contacted them so I don't know how small a quantity they will handle nor what the costs are. In theory you could buy from UAE or whomever, have it shipped to Coopersburg and bagged and then shipped on to you.
Coopersburg Bagging Company -- quotation from above site.
"Bulk coal is transported directly to our facility via truck. The product is dumped inside our warehouse in concrete bunkers and is processed though our bagging system. The material is generally bagged into 50# white woven polypropylene bags with the coal mine/sales company logo on the outside of each bag. Coal can be bagged in weights as low as 40# bags and as high as 3000# super sacks....An order can be placed though the coal mine/sales company of your choice or you may call Coopersburg Bagging Company directly. When placing an order be sure to know what size coal you wish to purchase. Coopersburg Bagging Company, Inc. will bag and sell coal for customers interested."
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PostBy: garyk2303 On: Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:12 pm

Hi everyone I made a trip to Blaschak yesterday 9-13-08 with my pull behind dump trailer. I got 3.5 ton of nut coal for my Harman Elite insert at $180.00 a ton. This will be my first time burning Blaschak coal, however I have heard good things about this coal. I normally burn South Tamaqua coal, but decided to try something different this year!

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PostBy: deerhunter1225 On: Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:18 am

LsFarm wrote:Can you store bulk coal?? Or want to bag a few tons yourself?? I know it is a hike to the breakers, but you can get some of the best coal around from a breaker that will allow you to bagg on the site, as long as you stay out of the way of the other traffic..

The next coal run I make, I'm going to take my tri-axle trailer, and 7-8 of the one ton 'bulk sacks' available on Ebay. I will be able to move the baggs with my tractor/loader, and store them out of the sun, I think you have a tractor, can you keep a tarp over the bulk sacks to keep the sun from ruining the bag??? Coal at the breaker is $140/ton... The bulk sacks are $10.25 each if you buy 4 at a time...just got my second 4 via fedex yesterday. $41 shipped.

Take care,, Greg L


Hi Greg, can you please give us some contact info on the breaker you have mentioned? Thank you, Deerhunter.

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PostBy: garyk2303 On: Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:57 pm

Hi everyone I too tried Blaschak nut coal this year in a Harman insert. Never again for me, I noticed a temperature drop of around 100 degrees. The stove also needs more of a draft to get decent heat out of it. Oh ya and the ashes I am emptying everyday. The bad news is I bought 3.5 tons from their breaker in October. I figured I would get enough for the winter, I have burned through about 2.5 ton so far. Next year I will buy 1-2 ton at a shot, if it is bad I will not be stuck with as much!