Anthracite coal

Anthracite coal

PostBy: Baseball28 On: Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:49 pm

Hi, Any helpful info would be appreciated...what is the approximate cost of Anthracite coal to burn (ton..I suppose) I have a 2300 sq. ft home + a basement...was thinking of putting in basement and connecting to existing duct work of my Natural gas forced air furnace. Thanks for any input.

Re: Anthracite coal

PostBy: Richard S. On: Wed Nov 02, 2005 11:04 pm

Price depends on delivery area, see the bagged coal thread for some different prices. They vary widely, some are quite high for areas outside of NEPA but still more affordable than other fuels.

The current rate locally starts at about $130 per ton and goes up from there. A house of your size could probably be heated with about 5 to 6 tons per year. It really depends on the house. Insulation, windows etc are a big factor.

If you know the amount of fuel you burned last year there's a chart here that can help you get an estimate:3

Try the link for the fuel calculator too.
Richard S.
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PostBy: Mlou On: Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:22 am

i have 3200 sq ft, stove in the basement, use forced air furnace to circulate. I use only 3 ton per year, never turn my gas furnace on.

PostBy: Richard S. On: Thu Nov 03, 2005 6:06 am

That is pretty good for a house of that size Mlou. What my customers use varies, some use an exceptionally low amount and others I wonder if they are selling it on the side... :)

As I mentioned above the condition of the house is a big factor. Installing new windows if you don't already have them can greatly reduce fuel consumption. Most consumers will cut their consumption by 30% with new windows.

The unit itself can be an important factor, new units are very efficient compared to old ones. Another customer I had cut his bill in half by installing a new unit and he mentioned that it was much warmer in the house as well.

Again if you follow that link I provided above and know what you used last year that will give you a pretty good idea of what you will need and the costs.
Richard S.
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PostBy: SenecaFallsNY On: Fri Nov 04, 2005 2:23 pm

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