Chimney Question

Chimney Question

PostBy: justden On: Mon. Feb. 25, 2008 4:32 pm

I have a Hitzer 30-95 I would like to install in my basement. There is a double wall metal 8" chimney already there that use to be used for a propane boiler, it is about 10 years old but was only used for 5 years and looks brand new. Is it ok to use this chimney for a coal burner and if so can I run a horizontal line to tap into it? The stove would be about 12 feet away with a 5 foot stove pipe and the chimney is about 20 foot tall.

Thanks for your help,
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Re: Chimney Question

PostBy: ChimneyMan On: Fri. Feb. 29, 2008 9:42 pm

Your chimney has to be a class "A" chimney which is usually one thick and the inner liner is made of stain-steel.The propane boiler may have vented on a "B" vent system which is one quarter inch thick and the inner liner is made of aluminum.Your smoke pipe should be as short as possible and using the most direct route with the least amount of angles or elbows
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