Warm Morning Mod 120 Restoration

Warm Morning mod 120 restoration

PostBy: Bloodnut1 On: Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:21 pm

Hi,Im new to the site,have a Warm Morning wood burner mod 120 (customized).Body rusted thru so I used an old well water tank to replace it.It was 1 in bigger in dia but with some heat managed to make door fit and the top seems to be sealing with some rope seal I got at Menards.Made some stl angle brackets to sit the grate on.Wasnt sure about the back plates so put them inside.Now I see they go on the back.What I'm trying to find out is any info on what kind of damper it used other than the door and inside brick work,basically if I'm missing any parts.Does anyone have pics of inside and any closeup pics of top lid (handle etc) would appreciate any help I can get with getting it closer to orig,thanks.
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