Looking for Local Advise and Input- U.P. Coal Burners...

Looking for Local Advise and Input- U.P. Coal Burners...

PostBy: Ironminer On: Sat. Mar. 07, 2015 1:26 pm

First post here....In da Michigan community... I am a Yooper, don't burn coal. Never have. Very interested in it.

I'm currently looking into the possibility of heating with coal here in da U.P. Looking for input... Where you get your coal; may be we could pool together to help with da logistics ect,., How much you use in da U.P. with our severe winters... For example this past February nearly every day was sub-zero here at da shack... Real temp...Don't do wind chill here, no need eh...

Any input would be appreciated..


Re: Looking for Local Advise and Input- U.P. Coal Burners...

PostBy: DennisH On: Sun. Mar. 15, 2015 5:32 am

I live outside Escanaba, in 'da U.P. eh? I've been burning anthracite coal since 2011. It's the only way to go IMHO, as we have a 2500sqft ranch style house with vaulted ceilings. Actually, I use both coal and wood; the propane tank is for cooking, hot water, clothes dryer, and tertiary heat when it's nice out but where a wood or coal fire would be too hot. I get my coal from a dealer in mid-lower MI (KW Feeds, Farwell, MI - just west of Claire). The dealer (Ken Warner) is a super nice gent, and what he charges makes it logistically a better deal to buy from him in quantity (usually at least three skids per year) than to buy from a dealer in the Houghton/Hancock area with much higher prices. The past two very bitter winters I went through about four pallets of coal, plus a cord or two of wood. My coal furnace is a forced air furnace and is ducted right into the central heat ducting of the propane side. When I'm burning coal I can easily keep our house at 72degF in the main part of the house, and 68-70degF in the bedroom area off to the side. Only when the temps drop to minus 30 or more does the propane kick in to make sure we stay at 68degF. I can only fire the coal furnace so hot, and on those brutally cold days 68 is about the best I can do. Not bad, all things considered. As far as I know there's only one other coal burner in my area, never met him, but I've piqued the interest of several people here who are envious of the easily achieved 12 hour burn and furnace tending times as compared with their wood stoves. For me coal is at least half the price of propane; wood half as much again. It's the only way to go for me!! :D :D
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