Researching is a pain in the butt

Re: Researching is a pain in the butt

PostBy: coal berner On: Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:45 pm

Hi Paulie I do not know who you called or contacted about Bagged coal but here are the three biggest companies that bag
coal also here are a few bulk loose coal breakers that will haul up to you as much coal as you can handel and here are
some more Stoker boiler companies you might want to call if you need more info let me know :)

Below are the three biggest bagged coal companies and bulk loose coal also the second Reading link is a Standard
Anthracite Coal sizing chart

165.00 a ton bulk loose

147.00 bulk loose a ton

not sure right now

Here are the three Good Depp mine coal breakers bulk loose 130.00 to 140.00 aton as of now

the address is wrong it is Rr 225 not 255

Here are three coal stoker / boiler companies you might want to call
coal berner
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Re: Researching is a pain in the butt

PostBy: Paulie On: Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:46 pm

Thank You for the info....I owe you a meal. Blaschak has a dealer close to me....basically they are not interested. Reading
has a dealer close, but they do not do bagged or rice, so they are sending me some info. I will call the other bagged place
in the AM. Seems that in my area pea,nut and rice coal are it. Rice for the newer stoves, pea and nut for the older models.
I am thinking that bagged is the way to start. Not many people here are set up for bulk delivery. Mostly stove use, not
so much boilers etc. I suspect that will change soon. Interestingly enough, many older homes still have coal bins, just not
I think for my own use, I will install stoker stoves, burning rice.Take my oil burner down a nozzle size, keep it on the hot water. If all goes well, with what I save, I will spring for a boiler.
I have a 200 +year old colonial with many flues. I have lined them with ss 6" liners for the wood stoves. The chimneys are healthy,
but with lime stone mortar, I did not want issues. They are rated for coal use. If all goes reasonably well, boilers for the
Now the quality standards. Ash content etc. More to learn. Red ash, white ash......a few more nights here! Again,
thanks for the info.....absolutely priceless. :)
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Re: Researching is a pain in the butt

PostBy: Freddy On: Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:44 pm

Where in Maine is this show room?

I'll bet I've sent a dozen emails to different dealers..... not ONE reply! After a week or so I called some of them and they answered the phone. Strange.
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