Crane 44

Crane 44

PostBy: alpineboard On: Fri. Sep. 18, 2015 7:37 am

That guy the next town over from me still has a couple 44's. He has been trying to sell them for a year or two. One has seen some miles, but the second has never been lit, as in New in the box, never been lit. On the new one , the ash pan door frame was welded a hair to tight in wrong direction , so the ash pan door(lower door) , is tough to close. 5 minutes w/a disc grinder would solve this. Or disc it off and weld a new piece on, something like this as I remember, from looking at it a while back. Its not open heart surgery, these units are very simple.
This guy , had a wine/cheese shop in Braintree mass, and had couple 44's as floor models, and sold them for Mr Crane, back in the 70's/80's. He is definitely trying to clean up his garage, so make him an offer, if anyone here is interested. I can go over and take good pics of that door fix area , if needed. This new in box one needs a home. Here is a pic of a NIB door that I got from him.
His stoves are on New Hampshire Craigs List. Or PM me and I will call him, he does not check his computer much.
I just re read his CL add again, he states that he does not have the grate for it. He does have it, he just has to find it , on his shelves. I was there last year and saw that he had more grates than he had stoves. The stoves are against the wall, and the grates are on one of the two standing floor shelves near the stoves, right where I found them and left them.
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Re: Crane 44

PostBy: waldo lemieux On: Fri. Sep. 18, 2015 8:04 am


Hey Id like to buy that new Crane. Please call him and tell him its sold. Im sending a PM with my contact info and also replying to his ad. Ive been looking for one of these stoves .... Thanx much

waldo lemieux
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