Stopped at AHS to Look at the Multifuels

Stopped at ahs to look at the multifuels

PostBy: coalrunner On: Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:50 pm

Finally made it up to Ahs in Harrisonville yesterday to look at their multi fuel boilers. To say the least,I was more than impressed!! My co worker and I met with Mike who took the time to really go over the wc 40, and 50 and even explained the wood gun for us. ( we were a pain in the ass,trust me) I was blown away at the build quality on everything I saw there and am seriously considering taking a wc40 home. Just need to talk with some folks who have burned bit coal in them. A bit pricey compared to the ds machine boiler I also went to look at ( unbelievable quote on the aquagem 3200) .But I think the build quality was better on the wc 40. Wish more people could give me input on both. Anyways,if anyone is in line for a boiler definitely go see Mike at ahs. If anything,it's a great learning experience with great people and Great American built product
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Re: Stopped at ahs to look at the multifuels

PostBy: rychw On: Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:27 am

I also stopped by AHS Friday to pick up a retrofit ash control and temp probe for my 130. After meeting with Darren he realized that I wanted to change the way the boiler dumps ash and adds new coal from my hopper. He is shipping me the new Dwyer control and thermocouple with delay contacts. I will be installing the temp probe throught the base of the hopper so I can measure the temperature of the coals at the top of the coal bed intead of at the bottom on the unit where it is now. This will give me a more consistant way of adding coal to the burn tube and stop those nasty booms. :bang: I will photograph the installation and post comments as I proceed.
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