Massachusetts "UL Exemption" for older coal stoves

Massachusetts "UL Exemption" for older coal stoves

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The relevant section:

6007.14 Used Solid Fuel-burning Appliances
Installation Inspection.

Used solid fuel-burning
appliances that predate the listing requirements set
forth in this code may be utilized but the
installation of such appliances shall otherwise
conform to the requirements of 780 CMR 60.00, as
applicable and such installations shall be inspected
by the building official (or fire official in such
towns that utilize the fire official for such
inspection purposes).

6007.14.1 Used Solid Fuel-burning Appliance
Clearances to Combustibles. In the absence of
tested, listed clearances and floor protection
requirements, used solid fuel-burning
appliances shall be required to be installed in
accordance with the clearances of 780 CMR
6007.11. Floor protection requirements shall be
evaluated by engineering methods or otherwise
four inches (102 mm) of millboard having a
thermal conductivity of:
k = 0.84 (Btu) (inch)/(foot2) (hour) (°F)
or an equivalent noncombustible floor protector
of the same overall thermal conductivity shall be
required (also see 780 CMR 6007.10.1).
1. If tested, listed clearances and/or floor
protection requirements are documentable
for the specific used appliance being
installed, then such clearances and/or floor
protection may be utilized.
2. If known tested, listed clearances are
greater than those of 780 CMR 6007.11,
then such clearances must be maintained.
3. If existing floor protection can be
demonstrated to have been adequate for
previous installations of said used solid
fuel-burning appliances, then such
previously utilized floor protection shall be
allowed. If calculations demonstrate that
the existing floor protection has a thermal
conductivity lower than that set by
780 CMR 6007.14.1 and adequacy has
otherwise been demonstrated, then the
existing floor protection must be

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Baseburners & Antiques: 2 Crawford 40's, PP Stewart No. 14, Abendroth Bros "Record 40"
Coal Size/Type: Stove / Anthracite.
Other Heating: Oil fired, forced hot air.