How to Hook up Hitzer 82 F.a.

How to Hook up Hitzer 82 F.a.

PostBy: sharkman8810 On: Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:17 pm

How would you hook something like this into existing duct work. I have a forced air oil furnace and I would like to know where and how this would get hooked into the system.

Do you try and pump the hot air into the cold air return; and try to rig the existing furnace fans to push the coal heated air around, or do you just tap directly to the hot air out ducts of the existing furnace. The other option I thought of was just make a few new vents beside existing vents and have two systems running side by side.
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Re: How to Hook up Hitzer 82 F.a.

PostBy: WNY On: Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:59 pm

If it comes with it's own blower, you can hook it up direct into the heat plenum or into a couple new ducts. The only problem is the air may not go the right path thru your ducts. You may have to put in a back draft control flapper, so the air can only go one way.

You can also hook it up to your coal air return and PULL the heat from the stove with the furnance blowers thru the filter and into the house and not use the blowers on the stove. You would have to rig up a thermostat control for the fan on your furnance to be controlled by the coal stove.

Numerous ways to attach that could work. Each situation is different.

The old saying, KISS (Keep it simple, s...), is sometimes the best.

Another topic on the stove
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