Gale Coal Thumbs up.

Re: Gale Coal Thumbs up.

PostBy: titleist1 On: Sun. Jan. 08, 2017 8:09 pm

That ash looks like a well burned have the air / feed dialed in!
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Re: Gale Coal Thumbs up.

PostBy: cn670 On: Mon. Jan. 09, 2017 6:05 am

Burns up nice. I'm pushing as hard as I need to. I'm only backed of 1 1/2 turns from full stroke and run strictly on timer the thermostat is off.
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Re: Gale Coal Thumbs up.

PostBy: windyhill4.2 On: Mon. Mar. 20, 2017 10:03 pm

I have now burned over 27 tons of the Gale rice out of a total of 36.5 tons purchased & about 1.5 ? tons of Gale nut out of 4800# purchased. I started with their standard rice with the first load & have gone to their large rice with all the loads since. Less air is needed for both my EFM520 & my Crane 404 handfed to get the same burn.
I am very happy with both sizes of Gale coal & I am very glad I made a way for the nut coal to happen for this heating season.I have really enjoyed watching the nearly continuous pretty blue flames in my handfed stove & the ease of keeping the fire going at the level I want.

I was amazed when I cleaned the fly ash out of the EFM as to how little ash there was to be cleaned out.

Forum member,fifthg is the owner of Gale & is very nice to deal with,i did not beg or plead for any special pricing but he has been selling coal to me for $140/ton. So far we pick up around 9 tons each time & since I am burning around 20-22 tons per yr. he knows there will be more loads to send my way.
As I told him on the phone,if he keeps using that same dye on the nut coal ;) ,i will be buying more so I can keep watching those pretty blue flames.
Ain't no way that those black rocks can burn with such pretty blue flames without some additive ;) :P toothy
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