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PostBy: coalshop On: Fri. Apr. 11, 2008 3:38 pm

How much heat do you think the boiler furnace would loose if I would close in part of my back porch and put the boiler out there. I could ran the pipes under my house (that has a crawl space) and into my forced air furnace with a heat exchanger. :) I could insulate the room if it would help any. the porch has a cement floor with a roof over it about 20ft. from my furnace. :idea:
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Re: Best Stoker for House

PostBy: LsFarm On: Fri. Apr. 11, 2008 5:44 pm

There would be some heat loss from the boiler, but not substantial.. I keep my boiler in an uninsulated building, I doubt if it costs me more than a few hundred pounds of coal to make up for the heat lost to the building..

Since you will share one wall with the house, and can insulate the room,, some of the heat will be shared with the house..

I'd think seriously about using this configuration.

Greg L
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Re: Best Stoker for House

PostBy: syncmaster On: Sat. Apr. 26, 2008 8:55 am

I see from the pictures, you are sharing the same chimney. Is this OK to do?
I read that you cannot share a chimney with 2 different devices burning different fuels.
But that might be due to local codes only.

do you know how much it would cost for a kaa-2 with a optional oil burner?

Thanks for posting the pictures, I am thinking about doing the same thing you did.
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