Things our kids will never do...

Re: Things our kids will never do...

PostBy: 009to090 On: Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:17 am

coaledsweat wrote:Doesn't look like they will ever do the dishes either. :roll:

Our Kids do... Thats an assigned chore. The dishwasher only gets used if we are all in a hurry, then the kids HAPPILY load it up :D
I try to raise our kids like I was raised, except I try to improve on the rough edges... ;)
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Re: Things our kids will never do...

PostBy: charlie On: Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:56 am

Use Leaded gas

Use rotary phones on party lines (can you still get an operator dialing "0" or make a collect call?)

Use counter checks

Use Polaroids

Drink delivered milk in reusable glass bottles

Listen to albums or eight tracks

Own a church key
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Re: Things our kids will never do...

PostBy: KLook On: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:50 am

Since it is hunting season,
They will never walk in a real forest to hunt,(my father told ME this in the early 70's) :shock:
They will never take a gun to school and show it to their teachers and the principle.
They will not wear just green or red plaid clothes to hunt in.
They will not walk everywhere to hunt. 4 wheelers and gravel roads and the invention of "heater hunting" stopped that nasty walking!
They will not use lead pellets for ducks.
They will not wear home made trigger finger mittens.
They will not go out the door with just a gun and some bullets and a knife. To many "gadgets" to carry now.
And obviousely by the "hunters" riding around town to "get a deer" they will not be taught to go away from homes and people to "hunt". Further giving this old pastime a black eye with those who are not familiar with traditional hunting or are just plain anti-everything.

Hope you get a big one!!

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Re: Things our kids will never do...

PostBy: Pete69 On: Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:34 pm

Anybody here used to have block party's? When they would block off both ends of the street, set up pick nick tables in the middle of the road and the whole block would get together and barbecue hot dogs and hamburgs. The one day of the year you could ride your big wheel down the middle of the road. How about midnight hide and go seek with the 20 other kids on the street. the boundaries were anywhere on the street. all the mothers on the road knew where we all where. That was back in the day when a kid could play in any one else's yard with no problems. How about setting up ramps and jumping each other on our Schwinn banana seat bike's. I think I still have gravel embedded in my knee from those stunts. My Evil Knievel toy stunt cycle used to get jumped off porch roofs and keep going. I cant get my kids Christmas toys to last to new years. The daily trips through the fields that is now a road with townhouses, to get our daily big gulp at 7/11. Sitting on the edge of the train trestle throwing rocks in the Erie canal for hours asking each other what they wanted to do is now illegal to walk across. Sling shot wars. It's now illegal to own a wrist rocket in N.Y. Hotrod hill, a collection of dirt mounds connected by bike trails in an old field is now 7ft. tall weeds. Our small patch of woods between our block and the next is now fenced in by the new owners never to be a wonderland of endless adventures for any other kid growing up in my old neighborhood.
That was all back in the day when it was the exception and not the norm for your friends parents to be divorced. When we all wore our pants up around our waists, our baseball caps faced either north or south, And fist fights at school never turned into homicide's. "THE WONDER YEARS"
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