Kimmels Coal

Kimmels Coal

PostBy: vtec350 On: Fri May 09, 2008 12:20 pm

I just found these forums and you guys are great, a lot of very useful info. for a newbe here. Has anyone used Kimmels coal ? I'm looking to get a truckload of bagged delivered to Ma. and spoke with a few different companys. Some were willing to sell direct, others only through the dealer, I'd like to get bulk but can't get a truck to the spot where in would need to be dumped. The guy over at Kimmels was very helpful in getting trucking set up and just waiting for a final rate. I'm also waiting for my local dealer to get me a price on the blaschak too.
I'm also torn between 2 boilers, the Keystoker KAA-6 (which i'm leaning towrds) or the Harman Vf3K. I'm heating a 2000 sq. ft. ranch, 10 yrs. old 2x6 walls R-19, about 600-700 gals. of oil a yr. and will be running in tandom with my Well McLain oil boiler for back up. The 2 Harman dealers here have never sold a boiler and have no idea about them, which makes me bervous in case there's ever any problems. I know they're both great boilers but to me customer service is everyhting and my local Keystoker dealers are very knowledgeable about their boilers. Only drawback on the KAA-2 is the small hopper, but I just saw that you can get an extended on 160#. Any advice or info. will be appreciated.
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Re: Kimmels Coal

PostBy: coal-cooker On: Fri May 09, 2008 1:07 pm

Welcome to the forum. Search on Kimmel in the forum and you will find plenty of info. I use a lot of Kimmel and have had good and bad luck with it. Their pea coal has been pretty good, but their nut coal has really been bad in the past. Very random sizes and a lot of junk in the bags. Most people here will tell you to go with Blashak for bagged or Superior for bulk. If you are going to have it shipped up from the mines, go with bulk if possible and a good quality coal. I live in Maine and have very few choices for coal here.
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