Btus Vary So Much. How Do I Tell What We Need?

Re: BTUs vary so much. How do I tell what we need?

PostBy: gambler On: Fri May 16, 2008 6:40 pm

Sometimes running the furnace fan will work for distributing the heat and sometimes it won't. You will just have to try it to see. I tried it when I had my corn stove and it actually made the house colder. Mine would take the warm air from the living space and run it through the uninsulated ducts in the basement and create now colder air flowing back into the living area. I have heard of others that tried this and it worked fine.
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Re: BTUs vary so much. How do I tell what we need?

PostBy: tight-group On: Fri May 16, 2008 8:08 pm

I have an old NEWMAC furnace and have all the paperwork to install them in Tandem with an
oil furnace and it is quite eazy the oil furnace should have a choice of blower speeds and would
most likely work just fine. I'm going for the Hy-fireII and makeing my own duct work.

Seems you cannot pass up this setup with coming oil prices. A simple solution might be to use
plain old single wall black stove pipe,you assemble them and drop them down from the roof, did
this with my dad's fireplace. I imagine it could be done . also if the direct vent has to be so far
up and the stove pipe could be run up a short distance in a first floor room ,(double wall insulated)
should not pose a problem with the power vent it's made to force a draft. that goes for the bends
also. Hey a double wall pipe along side the current chimney about $25 per foot could be done or on it's
own on an outside wall. Lot's of options here looks like time for a different furnace man.

Might be wrong but they run dual fuel furnaces up the same chimney with the B-vent it could be allowed.

Looks like the HY-fire II @ 180K would be THE furnace for the price on your application.
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Re: BTUs vary so much. How do I tell what we need?

PostBy: rberq On: Sat May 17, 2008 5:20 pm

Another thought on using the furnace fan to distribute the warm air.... Gambler says sometimes it works well and sometimes not. I would guess a house with adjustable registers, or adjustable dampers in the plenums, would be easier to regulate. Choke off the warm air to the room with the stove but leave the cold (coaled :) ) air return open, and vice versa for the rooms that are too cool.
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