Finally coal is rollin!

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PostBy: fifthg On: Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:10 pm

Pa. anthracite is among the hardest,most extensively mined,world reserves.This makes it among the most expensive to mine,as we have to go deeper and deeper for the coal.We used to,as they say,just "brush away the huckleberries"and load the coal.British Columbian anthracite will soon have that advantage,along with a government that backs its development.It will eventually take a huge share of the market.Pa. will just hold what little local market where it has an extreme transportation cost advantage.That ain't much.B.C.production costs will be so very low.They have excellent access to Pacific seaport,as well.
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Re: Finally coal is rollin!

PostBy: corey On: Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:18 am

johnjoseph wrote:Anthracite is the most expensive and least abundant correct? Pennsylvania has the largest amount of anthracite in the USA? What mines are opening up?

The ones around me in KY 3 opened up in last few months now this one.

Edit. I'm talking about bituminous coal mines.
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Re: Finally coal is rollin!

PostBy: LBrookm On: Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:23 pm

coaledsweat wrote:
fifthg wrote:It could be curtains for Pa. anthracite soon.

Over 400 years of reserves in NEPA, it isn't going to bow out. It has a saviour, activated carbon which is used for water filtration is made from anthracite.

For what it's worth I'm in the surface water treatment industry for drinking water and anthracite is the media of choice for filtration. The demand likely isn't heavy due to the longevity of the anthracite media ~7 years but as long as us "livestock" (wait hopefully that label is changing with the new administration) need water there will be a need for anthracite. :)
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