Swiss Army Knives for Small Farm

Re: Swiss Army Knives for Small Farm

PostBy: NoSmoke On: Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:35 am

Oh as long as you have a wife that is your best friend, what more could you want.

Katie was wearing that dress one night when we went out to dinner, and afterwards had to stop at Home Depot for some stuff. I was watching a guy eye her a bit...then walk straight into a cart filled with 2 x 4's that went crashing about. It was kind of funny, but I am not sure his wife was impressed. :shock:
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Re: Swiss Army Knives for Small Farm

PostBy: top top On: Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:16 pm

I see you have a JD 350D, my uncle purchased a brand new 350B loader for logging. The B is a little smaller than yours, but the loader version is heavier, and with the loggers winch it could pull an awesome load, waaayy more than a cord. He rarely cut anything under 20" across the stump, and he could pull several tree length logs at a time after limbing and topping. I used to buy logs for firewood from him, I paid him by hauling his saw logs to the mill. One time I got hung up getting out of the woods. He dug a trench, dropped in a log, parked the loader on the other side, stuck his forks in the ground and started winching. Pulled me right out, then I couldn't get up a hill in the wet field. My highway tires had NO traction. He moved his log, set up and winched again. Did that about three or four times before I could move on my own. The load was junk logs going to a chicken farm. They shred them for bedding, and pay by the ton rather than scaling the logs. I hit the scale and was grossing something like 92,000 lbs! Anyway, keep your eye out for a winch for your Deere. It will be well worth it. The loggers winch will lift the logs just enough to keep them from hanging up on every rock or root.
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