Leisure Line AA-220 For Sale

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Leisure Line AA-220 For Sale

PostBy: strykerlover On: Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:58 am

For Sale: Leisure Line Coal Boiler AA-220 with all fixtures, pumps, relays, aquastats, expansion tanks, valves, etc... Everything included except the chimney pipes. I am located in Van Buren, Maine and my boiler is installed in my garage therefore it is easy access for the buyer. I am no longer willing to use coal and would like to get $3500 or best reasonable offer for the boiler system.

My name is Adam and my telephone number is two, zero, seven - five, five, four - seven, nine, zero, nine. Buyer is responsible for pick up. Obviously I would assist in disassembly and loading up the boiler. I have a small backhoe available or tractor that can help move it.
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Stoker Coal Boiler: AA 220
Coal Size/Type: Anthracite Coal
Other Heating: Oil Fired Vega, Beckwell Pellet Stove