Water Well Fishing

Re: Water Well Fishing

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tsb wrote:Google impact well drilling. Find one in your area.

Is that cable tool drilling? We used to call them "pounders". Pretty sure none still exist around here. Everybody went rotary, either sand or rock.
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Re: Water Well Fishing

PostBy: lzaharis On: Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:18 pm

Yes, that is cable tool well drilling.

If you can not find someone to properly build
fishing toll to pull the mess out the best way is to
find a driller with a Foremost well drilling rig that can
overdrill the entire well and pull the pump and casing
out along with the drill rig after the second casing is set.

Overdrilling the well with a second casing allows you to
increase the water volume in the well to 1.5 gallons per
foot if a 6 inch casing is used.

Once the well is bottomed and the cuttings are all blown
out of the hole the old casing can be pulled out and junked
and the the entire mess will come out with the old casing
if a fishing tool is not used.

Even if the mess stays in the well the driller can still fish it
all out and then set he new screen and chlorinate the well
after the new pitless adapter is set in the casing.

After the mess is removed the well driller can set the
new screen for the well then install the pitless adapter
in the casing below the frost line in the trench that was
dug back up to expose the original pitless adapter and
the pipe run to the home.

In and out in a day or less as long as the trench is open
and can be backfilled as soon as the well is finished.

There are well drillers that use Foremost well drilling machines
all over the country.

Just remember that if a new well is drilled the original well will
have to have the drop pipe and old pump removed and then
it will have to be sealed and plugged with a sand mix concrete or
clay grout to seal it all the way to the surface and the casing
will have to be cut off below the surface or a well casing cap
with the information about the well must be installed on the
casing and locked or welded shut.
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Re: Water Well Fishing

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First I appreciate all the responses and suggestions, and wanted to let you all know the outcome. Based on expert advice it seemed very unlikely the well could be salvaged. Only one driller was available for at least six weeks. He could start immediately, or he would start another job and not be available for at least a week. So he bought a new well. The guy moved his rig in last Friday, started drilling on Monday, and finished it today. The pump should be installed before the storm hits tonight. Maybe. Thanks again.
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Re: Water Well Fishing

PostBy: McGiever On: Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:02 pm

Thanks for the follow up report. :)
So nice to have an ending, even such as it is. :yes:
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Re: Water Well Fishing

PostBy: warminmn On: Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:44 pm

Yes, thanks for letting us know. Sorry you couldnt get it out but glad its almost over with.
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