Iron Fireman Tuyeres Wanted

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Iron Fireman Tuyeres Wanted

PostBy: gregnel On: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:29 am

I'm looking for Iron Fireman tuyeres. I'd prefer a complete set but will consider anything. The ones I need are for the 13 inch outside diameter retort (a DL-30). I may consider the smaller DL-20 (11 7/8") or the larger DL-50 (13 7/8") thinking I may be able to modify them to fit. I'd also consider a complete retort/airbox assembly with tuyeres and auger (any size) if we could make the shipping costs work out.

There is talk that Will-Burt tuyeres might fit with some modification so I guess I'd consider that too. I've gotten no response from JONMAR so I'm not sure if they'd fit or if they even have some.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions in tracking these down.

Hot Air Coal Stoker Stove: Alaska Channing III
Hand Fed Coal Stove: Warm Morning and Home Comfort Cook Stove
Coal Size/Type: Hard coal nut and rice. Soft stoker size. North Dakota lignite