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PostBy: kkresge01 On: Mon. May. 26, 2008 11:31 pm

I'm looking in to switching from my current heating system which is oil hot water base board to coal for obvious reasons. I grew up with coal and wood burners and I am partial to the rice self feeding stoker stoves, very low maintenance. I see in my research that there is a domestic hot water coil option available for your line of stoves. My question is there any other coil available that I could tie in to my existing circulating pumps that would heat enough hot water to heat my hot water baseboard system.

I will forced to put the stove in the basement of the house due to possible dust from the stove. I have a two story colonial house appox 2000 sq feet with a full basement that is unfinished.

Any information you can provide would be helpful picking the correct coal burner for my needs. I'm sure many people are looking to convert form oil to coal this year.

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PostBy: LsFarm On: Tue. May. 27, 2008 9:22 am

Hello kkresge01.. welcome.. I'll let Jerry, the owner of Leisure Line answer about the largest coil available.. but I do know that the amount of BTUs that can be pulled out of the normal hot water coil will only heat a small room.. So unless your house is extreemly well insulated with extra good windows, I doubt that a hot water coil will recover enough heat for baseboards.

Take a look at the surface area of a hot water coil,, then compare to the surface area of a coal boiler.. there is a huge difference... There are several threads on that topic in the forum,, several guys have made custom coils with a lot more area, and plumbed them into their systems.. Do a search for custom coil.. or maybe custom.. it will take some patience to find the topics.. they were from the beginning of this heating season. I'll try to find them and post a link here..

The Leisure Line stoves are very good but if you want to heat your baseboard system's water,, you need to go with an actual boiler.. OR use a Leisure Line unit and move the hot air around with ductwork.. If your basement currently is not heated,, you will be using a fair amount of the LL's heat in the basement before it can heat the upstairs.. You need a very good air flow from the basement to the upstairs [a stairway really isn't enough usually] and some cold air return ductwork to make your whole house warm with a hot air stove..

If you have a central room on your first level, the use of a stoker stove on the main floor is really not that dusty.. many, if not most folks put their stove on their main level,, with a little care, the dust is minimal. But every house and housekeeper has different needs..

Hope this helps... Greg L.
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PostBy: Jerry & Karen On: Tue. May. 27, 2008 7:57 pm

Thanks for asking about our stoves. I'm afraid Greg is right about the hot water. The coils are not made for what you want them to do, only domestic hot water. You'll need to look into a boiler. Keystone is a great boiler.
Thanks again,
Jerry LLS
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