FS; Harman DVC500; Long Island NY

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FS; Harman DVC500; Long Island NY

PostBy: ablumny On: Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:06 pm

After 9 great years; we have to pass on our DVC500. Its been heating our 2 story colonial like a champ since day 1 but I need the space its in for required renovations. Big thanks to this forum and the members who've helped me out of my typically self created jams!

- I just shut it down for the season, cleaned out, ready to go; LPS sprayed every year so far.
- Fire bricks in good shape, just resealed the grates last season, ash bucket good as new.
- Its operating like the day I took it home; only has needed an exhaust fan motor replaced. (everything else I posted over the years turned out to be my screw ups!)
- I painted the cabin and door last year
- Gave up a long time ago trying to keep the glass clear; door gasket is fine.
- Mines in a corner so I have the 45 degree elbow on the exhaust pipe.
- If I can get it out without damage, the wall collar will be included
- two years ago I added a stainless steel outdoor vent stack; included
- All sorts of accessories; Coal hods, gloves, brushes; ash vacuum, original paperwork, etc
- I think I have about 1/2-3/4 ton rice coal left; included

Over the years I posted a few geeky youtube videos of this thing. I think if you cared to you could search "ablumny" and you'll find them

Its still installed and easy to demonstrate that all the electrics work.

Not sure what its worth so I suppose Im looking for offers.
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Hot Air Coal Stoker Stove: Harman dvc500
Coal Size/Type: Rice