If You Have Two or More Accounts I Can Merge Them

If You Have Two or More Accounts I Can Merge Them

PostBy: Richard S. On: Fri. May. 05, 2017 10:01 am

I realize that many people may have more than two accounts because they lost their password, email address or whatever. That is perfectly fine as long as you are not using both accounts.

I can merge accounts as of now but that will not be possible after the forum upgrade as the tool is still in development. If you have two or more accounts let me know and I'll merge them. Posts, PM's*, attachments etc. will be merged.

I'll need the username or email address of the old account, if you do not know exactly what it is may be I can do wildcard searches for partial matches. I will also need to confirm it is you, I can either send an email associated with the account or if you filled out the secret question and and answer you can confirm it that way.

Either send me a PM or post it here...

*I have not tested this yet but since there is limit on PM's if you have a full PM box rthe old PM's will take the deafult action, if you have it set to delete them when the folder is full then they will be deleted.
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