Firebox Door for Custom BBQ Pit

Firebox Door for Custom BBQ Pit

PostBy: tonto1117 On: Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:56 pm

Hi all, in my search for a particular door that I beleive to be from a old stove/furnace/boiler, I came across this forum. Myself and my husband are competitive BBQ cooks that travel the country to different competitions. We are having a custom pit made for us. The gentleman who makes the pits just came out of retirment of a few years and has agreed to build one for us. On the pits he made in the past he incorparated this door that we are looking for.
The doors apparently where found in Buffalo, NY area if that is of any help or importanance.I was hoping with the collective knowlege of your members, somone might have seen these doors or can point me in the right direction It is approx. 18" x 20" with no glass.
We really appreciate any feedback or direction that you might provide.

These are the only pics I have of what the firebox door looks like:

Thank You for any help,
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