Sticky Hopper?

Sticky Hopper?

PostBy: Cold_Mainer On: Sun. Jun. 29, 2008 10:46 am

Being new on the block to coal burning I talked to a guy the other day about his coal stove operation and if he was pleased with it overall. He told me he was and that he has only had one problem that occured 2 times during the winter. He said that on these 2 occasions that coal had stuck to the side of the hopper and formed a plug therefore no coal feeding to the auger feed mechanisim. He said he pounded the side of the hopper loosening the coal but that it rushed down the feeder onto the fire and put the coal fire out.

Does this happen on occasions and if so is there something that can be put on the inside of the hopper to prevent this?
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Re: Sticky Hopper?

PostBy: Richard S. On: Sun. Jun. 29, 2008 11:21 am

As the coal is feeding the fines will gravitate to the bottom and the sides. This provides a better platform for it to have steeper angle. If you run it down occasionally and move the coal from the side over it shouldn't happen. Some people have modified the hoppers so there is no dead space and all the coal goes right on.

Basically anything at 45 degree angle from the feed hole is dead space on one side and coal that will feed on the other. If you put an angle in like that the fines wont have a chance to accumulate.
Richard S.
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