Ash Removal

Ash Removal

PostBy: CTriver On: Fri. Jul. 04, 2008 1:37 pm

I have and older Chubby stove in the basement. In the corner near the stove, I constructed a small closet with plastic stapled on the front. This is where I empty the ash pan, by moving the plastic aside and placing them into a metal ash can. This keeps the dust down, but I'm wondering if anybody has some type of central vac system. It would be nice to go directly outside from the stove. On this model Chubby you have to open the bottom door to shake. It can be dusty, but I use a shop vac just outside the door to draw any fly ash towards it. But using a metal hose or piping straight outside with the flip of a switch is my next project. Well maybe not the next, but in the top ten.
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Re: Ash Removal

PostBy: Devil505 On: Fri. Jul. 04, 2008 1:54 pm

CTriver wrote:I'm wondering if anybody has some type of central vac system.

I put in a central vac about 4 years ago & love it. I use an old 24' plastic pool vacuum hose in the winter to vacuum the stove & around it. ( I save the good hose for upstairs & I lucked out that the pool hose fitting slips right into the wall socket) What I like is whatever isn't captured in the metal canister is vented outside like a clothes drier. I'm always careful to not suck up hot embers since the vac is run throughout the house with pvc piping

I would never empty the ash pan in the house though....Way to dusty. I have a metal ash can right outside the basement walk-out door & dump it outside.
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