Barometric Damper

Barometric Damper

PostBy: BinghamtonNY On: Fri. Jan. 13, 2006 10:15 am

I've been reading the Mag stoker posts and other articles online about Barometric damper's. I think I'm going to install one this weekend and see what happens. Right now I'm straight black stove pipe into my 35' (or so) terra cotta chimney. Technically I guess it should increase the efficiency of my stove. I have a VERY good draft so I think this should help cool the temp and increase heat. Right??

Is that the whole basis of having one.. 55-60 degrees today in Binghamton NY. WOW is it warm.. Suppose to cool this weekend.
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Re: Barometric Damper

PostBy: lime4x4 On: Fri. Jan. 13, 2006 5:40 pm

The idea of the barometric damnper is to open and take room air into the flue in cases of over drafts..Like on windy days when u could get a really good draft going