Gibraltar LCC Installation

Gibraltar LCC Installation

PostBy: dtzackus On: Thu. Jul. 10, 2008 9:18 pm

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the responses, I am glad that I opted for the Gibraltar LCC after everyone stated it was a better choice for our home. The stove has a seven inch flue and my chimney insert is seven inches as well, how perfect is that?

I am ording the seven inch stove pipe and getting a 90 (elbow), baro damper and 2 - two feet striaght pipe. I wish I had room for a stack heater (magic heater), but I do not have to room, the seven inch stack heater the local foundry has is 19 inches long, I do not have enough room for that. Once I put all the pieces together, shall I screw them togher I guess, how about a sealant for a closed tight seal?

I have inspected my chimney, I had a gas stove (of which I hated) and so far my chimeny looks in great shape, I have to take the rest of the 4 inch liner out and look at the rest of the chimeny, but the house is only 20 years old and I think I should be in good shape. I am planning on putting another CO2 detector in my rec. room in the basemnt the adjoining two car garage. I already have two upstairs.

Besides making sure I get the baro damper perfectly level, what else should I do? I have an area 4 ft by 4ft for the unit to sit on which will be tiled very soon. The wal next to the unit is already bricked. How do I check for draft? Do I light a match and make sure the smoke goes up the chimney instead of pulling pushed away from the chimney? My chimney is 8 by 8 block going all the way up for at least twenty five feet past the roof.

Any suggestions, recommendations are greatly needed!!

Thanks again everyone,

Hand Fed Coal Stove: Gibraltar LCC
Stove/Furnace Make: Gibraltar
Stove/Furnace Model: LCC

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