EFM 520 With Oil Gun Option Auto Switch?

EFM 520 with oil gun option auto switch?

PostBy: slb04786 On: Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:14 am

Hi Everyone,

My first post. Great forum! I live in God's Country in Northern Maine or as some know it Aroostook County :D :D .

First some history. I used to burn coal up until abut 10 years ago when the price of oil came down to where it was cheaper to burn oil than coal. So, I took out my HS Tarm wood/coal/oil boiler and repalced it with a low mass boiler for efficiency. Gave the old boiler away. Now I wish I still had it. Anyway, it's gone.

Present day. I am looking to get back to coal. I am looking at an EFM DF520 or an Axeman-Anderson 130 boiler. The EFM would replace my existing boiler as it can have an attached oil gun. My question is does the EFM automatically switch over to oil on a fireout condition or does it "need" to be manually switched? I couldn't find my answer on their website and I figured someone here has that setup and has probably gone through it already. I did a search and didn't find an answer. If not I might go with the AA 130 and plumb it into my existing boiler and wire it up with sensors and thermostats to switch automatically.

The prices I have been quoted puts the EFM about $900 higher than the AA without the oil option. The oil option is another $935.

Also, for those of you in Northen and Central Maine looking for a coal dealer you might want to check with Center Farms in Easton. I bought coal from them when I used to burn coal. They have been around for about 16 years and are very good people to deal with. As I understand it they deliver all the way down through to Belfast. Bruce is a great guy to talk to and seems very honest. Just my 2 cents worth and I'm not getting anything to plug their business. Just trying to help some fellow coal burners find a source for coal. They can be reached at 207-488-2211
Thanks in advace for your input.
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Re: EFM 520 with oil gun option auto switch?

PostBy: coaledsweat On: Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:03 am

I believe they are manual switchover only, no auto option. I would think most are made in that fashion for liability reasons and/or to keep the Fire Marshall happy.
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Re: EFM 520 with oil gun option auto switch?

PostBy: Richard S. On: Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:06 am

There's a EFM rep that can confirm but I believe there is a protective cover on the oil gun which has to be removed prior to using it or installed if you're firing the coal. What else you have to do I'm not sure.
Richard S.
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Re: EFM 520 with oil gun option auto switch?

PostBy: stoker-man On: Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:21 am

No, there is no automatic switchover to oil on the DF520. There is a manual damper that closes off the oil burner head from the heat of the coal fire to slow down the process of oil gelling in the nozzle from the heat of the coal fire. There are two safety switches that prevent the oil burner from firing with the damper in the closed position and from opening the fire door with the oil burner running. The oil burner should be fired for a few minutes every month to keep the fuel oil in the nozzle fresh.

If someone orders an oil package for the stoker and has an existing efficient oil burner, just order the package without the oil burner chassis. That will reduce the price by a few hundred dollars. You can re-use your old oil burner, with a new air tube.

Center Farms will pick up at efm on their return trip to Maine.
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