New Yorker WC-90

New Yorker WC-90

PostBy: IBSacres On: Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:59 am

I have a question. There doesn't seem to be any place specific for hand fed boilers. They aren't "stoves" and not "stokers" are we who have (or getting them) The black sheep? :P :lol: :D

Ok, due to AA being out of my price range, I have ordered a New yorker WC-90. At current pricing I figure I can use this boiler for a few years then sell it to help fund a stoker purchase. I think I come out ahead, even if I don't I will be buying American, both heat and product. So, oil producing countries will not get my money, errr... well not more than I have to give them.

I will be having this installed along side my oil fired boiler. This way I can use coal in cold months and oil in warm months for hot water. My class A chimney showed up today. No clear delievry date on boiler (Oct/Nov). I am getting away with this cheap, my brother will be installing it. I just will provide the vocal support He does this for a living, so it will be a very professional install.

I need to find and outside place to store my coal. My basement is a cellar, and only under the original house. It will be very crowded, 2 boilers, fuel tank, coal bin, water pump and expansion tank. I will hate moving coal from outside to inside cellar during peak of winter, so any outside storage advice will be appreciated.

Also, any good advice on the New Yorker boiler that is coming would be great.


P.S. I know I posted this in another thread, but it really needs its own.

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