Barometric placement?

Barometric placement?

PostBy: rewinder On: Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:59 pm

Hi, I'm new to this forum, just found it!

I have a pair of VVt Castings coal stoves I'm getting ready to re-install. By that I mean I haven't burned coal for over 20 yrs in them, and am putting one of them on a different chimney. I used to burn the vigilant(1st floor) on an 8X8 flue that was also hooked up to a boiler in the cellar. Boiler had a barometric on it, that I always felt kept the whole flue controlled. I never had a problem on that flue and that stove, burning in hot or cold temps. I don't plan to use that flue now.

The other stove was (and is going on) on an 8X8 flue, total run 16' above the pipe inlet, and I didn't use a baormetric back then. Worked well but I know it was too much draft, wouldn't burn as long as the other, and I warped the grates a few times.

My 2nd VC stove is going on another 8X8 flue a bit taller. this one has a cleanout door in the cellar (the above mentioned one had a clean out at floor level, not in celler, doesn't start in cellar)

So here's my question: Since one stove won't have a lot of room between the stove and thimble to put a barometric, why can't I put one on the cleanout doors? one 2ft below the thimble and the other in the cellar cleanout door? Set with a manometer above the stoves, won't this set up keep the draft constant like it did when I used my boiler's chimney in the old days?

PS I was going to go with pellet stoves this year, but they are hard to get, expensive, pellets are scarce around here, and hey I have the VC stoves, used them for 8 yrs and can cet bagged reading coal!!!!

This is a great forum!! been going thru it the last few days, they didn't have the internet when I used to run my coal stoves!
thanks in advance

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Re: Barometric placement?

PostBy: DOUG On: Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:50 am

I have tried putting the barometric draft damper at the bottom of the inside the house clean out door location and yes it does work. But, I had to clean the clean out more often from the ash build up. I also noticed alot of fly ash residue that blew out of the chimney landing on the ground and everything around the house because of locating the barometric draft regulator there. Putting it as close to the stove flue as possible seems to be the best place.
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Re: Barometric placement?

PostBy: WNY On: Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:53 am

if you can get a TEE where it goes into the thimble, put it in the opposite end fo the TEE. It should work in the Cleanout as long as you have your manometer to check the draft correctly on the stove..
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