Bought a Pioneer T.V.

Bought a Pioneer T.V.

PostBy: 61hawk On: Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:03 am

I havent feed a coal stove in 50 years... full circle they say. My question is location of my stove. First I probably should have bought a boiler I have oil fired base board hot water heat. I would like to try and tie into the base board to heat the house rather than rely on radiant. My house is a cinderblock rancher one floor with no basement and basicly no attic. The house is what I call an add on add on. They built the hose (865 s.f.) add a screen in porch then added a garage, which is basicly one building now. The screened in porch which is a long room is part of the house and heated (305 s.f.) This room has two sections of 8ft baseboard so the temp hangs around 40-50 in the winter

I guess I have two questions Can I tie into the baseboard and should I put the stove in the main part of house or can I put it in the 305 s.f. part right now there is a door that separates the two

If I put the stove in the main part I can reky on the baseboard as well as radiant to try and keep even temps. I would have to use a power venter. Or put it in the 305 s.f. room where I could still tie into baseboard but could share the chimney for the oil furnace. (not at the same time...bad news)

Can I get enough coil in the stove to make a difference useing the base board?

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Re: Bought a Pioneer T.V.

PostBy: Jerry & Karen On: Wed Aug 06, 2008 8:39 pm

Hi ,
Tying into your baseboard is not the best idea. Your right, if your were going to use your hot water heat then a boiler would be the answer. But, since you have what you have then make the best of it. The small room is just too small for the stove. I would place the stove in the main part of the house and try to move the air the best I could. I can't see any problem making as much heat as you need.
Good luck,
Jerry & Karen