Ash in the Stove pipe

Ash in the Stove pipe

PostBy: Dave B. On: Tue Feb 07, 2006 5:59 am

Hey Everyone,
I am new to using coal stoves for heat, so EVERYTHING is new to me.I have a leisure pioneer le top vent which I really like and it heats the house great. I am still getting used to the feed settings but I think I have figured it out so I have very little waste. My Question is ...I looked in my air vent in the side of my stove pipe that contects to the chimmney from the stove and notices about 1/2" of coal ash on the bottom of the pipe. is this normal? I should say that Ive only had the stove three weeks and its been running steady since the day I set it up. If this IS normal how often should I clean it out so the pipe doesnt clog? thanks in advance to anyone who responds. I have really learned alot by all the other postings!
Dave B.

PostBy: Richard S. On: Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:14 am

Normal yes, whether that amount is normal or not I'm not sure. sounds as if it may be a bit excessive for only a few weeks. Over a year period ours accumulates about 1 to 2 inches but that's on a very large exhaust pipe, 18 or 20 inches I think. Excessive fly ash can be caused by too much draft or if you have a lot of fines in the coal or even the coal itself.

I'd monitor it and make sure that it's not accumulating too much. Obviously you don't want it getting to the point where it is blocking the pipe. Deaths due to CO poisining are usually attributed to blocked pipes from fly ash, so you'll want to keep an eye on it. I'd suggest if it gets to the point where the pipe is 1/3 full you should clean it out, otherwise once a year. Also make sure you clean the chimney out, you should have a space below where the exhaust meets the chimney. Most of the fly ash will accumulate at the bottom of the chimney.

Keep in mind that at first it will accumualte quicker in the pipe because there is less space to fill. It may just be that amount is normal for your type of stove. If it's a smaller stove and you're pushing it to the limit where the combustion fan is caonstantly running then yes it would accumualte pretty quick.
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PostBy: davemich On: Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:17 am

Dave, hopefully the owner of Leisure Line, who is a member here, can give you a heads up. Welcome to the site!!

PostBy: Jerry & Karen On: Thu Feb 09, 2006 8:59 pm

Hi Dave,
I think you'll find that we recommand in the manual to clean the stove and pipes about every two (2) tons of coal. Fly ash will always settle in the flat or level sections of pipe but small amounts are nothing to be concerned about. In my 35 + years of being around stoves, I have learned that with most stokers you will find sweating on the bottom of the hopper lid when poor draft occurs. Poor drafts can be caused by many things, but pipes blocked with fly ash will make the CO alarm go off. With our stove as well as any coal stove, when the alarm goes off, turn the stove OFF. Find the problem. Thanks for buying our product.
Jerry LLS[/b]
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