I Bought a Used 520...

I Bought a Used 520...

PostBy: CoalJockey On: Sun. Aug. 17, 2008 11:22 am

I finally bought a 520 stoker.... Jack Ryan down at Mahanoy City fixed me up excellent. Thanks for the leads on his shop.

Will be putting this thing in a 10 by 14 shed behind the house, and pumping the hot water into the basement. This old farmhouse has a basement built by midgits (no offense if your a midgit).... and no way to put that thing down there. Just not enough room. I know some folks insisted I try it but I am going to give this shed thing a shot and see how it works. I know I will loose out on the radiational heat through the floor but this may be my only option.

Also getting coal into the shed will be alot more simple than putting in basement.... because I can just carry it up the driveway from the coal yard with the loader and dump it in through the door... (shed is high)

shed gets insulated.... pipes get insulated....

Its an S-20 stoker ... with a Kurland boiler.... not an EFM boiler. However it is exactly the same size as the EFM boiler, and Jack adapted the base to allow the boiler to fit the burner. It sure is a heavy built boiler!

Anyone know about these boilers? Where were they made? Sure is a heavy setup.

Jack Ryan is a fine man to deal with also. I think this stoker is really going to work well.

Tyler Hall
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Re: I Bought a Used 520...

PostBy: e.alleg On: Sun. Aug. 17, 2008 12:51 pm

sounds like it'll work out great. Post up some pics.
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