coal bin to hopper auger

Re: coal bin to hopper auger

PostBy: GeorgiePorgie On: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:15 pm

I have my Auger working well, so far one minor jam, which I caused just for testing to see how easy it was to unjam, The cooler you see in the video is a 100 Qts Coleman, I was able to fill it up in 8 minutes.

The one advantage of this system , is the fact that you can take the entire auger out of the bin, without touching the coal, I just tried it, to show a maintenance guy how it's done, just in case I am not around. The pressure on the auger caused by the weight of the coal is also adjustable, as it turned out, the coal bin holds about 8 tons.

There are many areas to improve on.

But here is the current list.

1: The power to the auger motor will be fed using relays
2: if the auger stops turning, the power shuts off in few seconds
3: A forward/reverse switch will be available to unjam the auger, in case of any binding
4: An oil drip system will be available as an option, to drop used transfat liquid ( which in essence is free ) to minimize dust, and for lubrication.
5:Powering the auger will be done by either a timer, on/off switch, or push buttons.
6:Couple of indicator lights

If you guys think of something extra, let me know.

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Re: coal bin to hopper auger

PostBy: dave brode On: Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:11 pm

For future searches;

Here are links showing my auger. Not a flex auger, but it might give you some ideas;

Bin to hopper grain auger 30* up < pics
COAL BIN Pics [page 39] - shows lower mounts

Not shown is the cover on the Kaa-2's hopper, with flex hose connecting it to the auger outlet snout. I'm still working on the boiler install, but I have tested the auger.

As most grain augers turn fast, I reduced the speed to apx 30 rpm. It was suggested that a fast auger speed would work well, but I was concerned about dust, as well as auger life, so I went with slow. The grain augers aren't made very "heavy". The flighting on mine is probably 18 ga, and the center tube is 16ga.

I believe that 45 degrees up would be doable. The gear reduction boxes are common on ebay.

dave brode
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