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I know a gentleman from Poland. We had a discussion about coal in Poland. Coal is called vengel. I asked about the price, he said that the coal mined from about 1 km. below the ground is about 500 euros per 1000 kg. $730.00? 1 metric ton is 2240 lbs. Poland used to be on the other side of the iron curtain and the people were very poor. Oil or natural gas were virtually non existant. Most of the people in Poland burn What I think is peat? They cut it directly from the ground and wheelbarrow it home for heat. A Loorie (truck) driver from Ireland came up to me on Wednesday asking about the Mercedes suvs I deliver. It didn't take long for the conversation to move to coal. The man from Ireland said that coal costs about 10 euros per 100 kg. sack. thats 150 euros or $220 per metric ton bituminous. That gentleman also described cutting (dirt) and bringing it home to burn. Does anyone know what this stuff is? it seems very prevolent in Europe as Ireland and Poland are very far apart. :notsure: :confused:
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Re: Vengel

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Hi DM, do a google search for 'burning peat' or peat for heat' or maybe just peat. and see what you get.. It's sort of like really, really young coal, about 200 million years young.

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