Petit Godin Oval Question

Petit Godin Oval Question

PostBy: Cap On: Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:31 pm

Hello Gentlemen,

I have two images attached below. One image belongs to djackman. It's his Godin stove. The 2nd image is a stove I pick up to use in my smaller family room where I have a 2nd flue currently not being used.

My question. What does the unit on the rear of the barrel do? I believe the part catalog refers to it as an *air regulator valve*. I don't have this part and I wonder how necessary it is? I've seen a few images on the web of Godin's without it. Do they brake, get lost or was it an option?
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No air regulator valve. Pipe outlet is 4.25" o.d. How does it get hooked to stove pipe?
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Djackman's Godin with air regulator valve? Is it necessary?
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Re: Petit Godin Oval Question

PostBy: djackman On: Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:01 pm

Best I can tell from the manual I have is that the smaller stoves have upper and lower ports in the refractory chamber connected externally. The Manual shows a picture of mine (small model 3730, with the connector on the back) but notes "The Model 3731 has a single flue outlet at the top of the firebox"

Not sure if your larger Godin has the upper/lower ports in the refractory, never seen a large Godin. I can tell you that on mine the lower port was prone to clogging and would affect the burn. Got good at poking it clear with a 3/16" rod thru the cleanout grate.

Good luck with it. If the 3730 is any indicator the manual isn't joking when it says "...especially if you have a Model 3731 which can heat a small house"
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Re: Petit Godin Oval Question

PostBy: Cap On: Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:36 am

Thanks Djackman, I have the larger 3731. It only has one port in the rear near the top. But there must be some sort of connector missing. The outlet port is an odd size at 4.25", not sure how I would adapt to it. I do not have any manual except for a .pdf I discovered on a Canadian site with some specs.
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Re: Petit Godin Oval Question

PostBy: CapeCoaler On: Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:28 am

A talented/experienced sheet metal/stove shop can make you an adapter.
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Re: Petit Godin Oval Question

PostBy: Cap On: Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:09 pm

Subject: Grand Godin Round Stove Question

I wrote to Stovefinders of France & England:

Dear Sir,

Can you help explain a technical question concerning a Godin Grand Oval model 3721.

I recently acquired this stove. I am in process of preparing it for winter use. Having done a few hrs of research on the internet brought me to your site. I have found some of the best images yet on your site.

Question: Some Godin's have a adapter on the rear connected to two ports, middle & top. All of your units have it. It connects to two ports on the rear of the barrel. But the unit I own has only one port, at the rear top of the barrel. Can you explain the advantage of the dual port vs. single port? And what does the metal adapter unit which connects to both ports do for the stove? I provided an image.

The manifold attached to the rear of the stove has 2 purposes, it allows the option to connect either top or bottom with the advantage of the lower fitting being that the hot flue gases have to travel over a greater distance and therefore release more heat to air. In practice the flue gases don't really enjoy travelling down and the flue spigot outlet becomes blocked more quickly. In using the upper outlet the debris from the stove will settle at the base of the manifold and rarely if ever block. The manifold acts as a soot catcher the the spigot fitted to the upper outlet.
I have just re-read what you have written. When the older stoves had an outlet at the top and bottom the lower one allowed gases to exit the stove low down when the fire was low, in practice they blocked up and were useless. On later and new Petit godin stoves the manifold attached to the outside of the stove only connected to an upper port although the flue spigot could be attached to either the top or the bottom manifold opening, that what I was referring to in the first paragraph.

What you have is closer to the current design but without the manifold, so probably the best design for these stoves but without the soot catcher (manifold).

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Re: Petit Godin Oval Question

PostBy: BIG BEAM On: Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:11 pm

4.25 is in inches.Thats a commom size in eur.If I remember it is like 110mm.My wood stove has a 4.25" to 6" adaptor.
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