Pre-Intallation Prep Alaska 140

Pre-Intallation Prep Alaska 140

PostBy: lusich On: Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:13 pm

I currently have an Alaska 140 (170k BTU model) on order and would like to complete as much installation work as is feasible before it arrives. As I intend to install it in parallel with the existing oil fired hot air furnace system, I am thinking I can perform some prep work on the return connection, plenum connection, exhaust venting, and perhaps pull the wiring for the thermostat. I also want to ensure I have all the correct material and equipment needed for installation on hand when it arrives.

I will likely chimney vent as I may get rid of the oil fired hot water heater in favor of electric or tankless LP with a power vent. I would like to keep the oil unit connected in case we go away during the winter, and will need to share a flue. I have seen threads on sharing flues and the code issues that creates. I never intend to run both units simultaneously, so some operating damper/baffle sealing the oil unit exhaust is what I have in mind.

Does anyone have installation instructions they would be willing to share?

Any Alaska 140 owner installation tips would be appreciated.


House Detail;
4000sf Colonial (excluding basement).
Oil fired forced hot air (three zones - basement, first floor, second floor).
Built 1989.
Currently burn 1400 gallons oil annually (1000-1200 during heating season).
Oil fired hot water heater (separate unit).
Stove/Furnace Make: Alaska 140

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