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PostBy: rouxzy On: Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:02 am

Being an economics major I can tell you right now that the reason for the price of heating oil has nothing to do with supply and demand. Present reserves are higher than this time last year. Demand is lower than this time last year. So, the supply and demand nonsense that the market had been pushing on us is nonsense. What is happening in all fuel markets regardless of what is happening globaly is that the oil companys, (not the Arabs), are charging what the market will bare. In other words if the market will pay more than they will charge it. They found out that charging $3.00/gal for gas was the breaking point on price, so they lowered it. When we get comfortable with the price they will use an excuse to raise it then lower back down but not to as low as it was. This is an old marketing trick that is now being used really well by the oil companies. That is why they are making $billions in profits right now. The answer is to get off the oil habit.
Coal is the answer to me for heating. My wife tells me that it seems like it is so much work but it is more like a hobby to me. Plus I can look at the oil companies and say that I hope someday you guys choke on your oil. Oh yeah, plus I work at a nuclear plant, which wheather or not anybocy likes it you are going to see more down the road.
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PostBy: Pap On: Sat Mar 04, 2006 6:51 pm

That is another reason I went with coal this year. To keep the money here! I bought a Harman coal stove made right up the road from me. I buy coal three miles from me. I bought 100 gallons of fuel oil in November. I may have used twenty gallons if that. So far this season since November I spent about $360.00 for coal and am warmer with the coal stove than I would have been with the oil furnace going.

I have a friend who has a small oil delivery company. He delivers oil and repaires furnaces. When I bought my 100 gallons it was $2.49 per gallon. I talked to him about a week ago he said oil is $2.25 now, when do you want some. I told him I put a coal stove in and won't need oil before next season. I don't think he believed that I spent less than $400.00 for heat this year. And I have over 1/2 ton left!!! :lol:

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