Palin Power: Fresh Face Now More Popular Than Obama, McCain

Re: Palin Power: Fresh Face Now More Popular Than Obama, McCain

PostBy: Devil505 On: Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:40 pm

coalmeister wrote:"( As a Political Science major back in my college days, I can almost guarantee that McCain's campaign will be studied for the next 50 years as "What Not To Do when running for office!" :doh: :down:

A political science major who ended up in the DEA??? You must have seen the light and got outta Dodge :D
Or, maybe it's more sinister... you were way to political to even be a political science major, now that I can believe! :doh: Or maybe it was another step deeper, you were too "unfair and unbalanced"...especially the unbalanced part. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've got news for you....All Executive Branch agencies are political to a certain extent. I'm not violating any security oaths I swore too (I've checked) by revealing that the Basic Agent class behind mine (BA 5 in 04/1975) had 3 CIA Agents in it who were being trained to pose as DEA Agents in their overseas assignments. Tip O'Neill is famous for saying "All politics is local" & I'll say "All government is political."
Nixon used to be the "Top Dog" Politicizer .........but Bush has raised it to an "Art Form." :mad:
(first names intentionally omitted as no respect is owed to either)
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