Harman Mark II Installed

Re: Harman Mark II Installed

PostBy: MountainPreacher On: Tue. Jan. 13, 2009 8:01 pm

Wood'nCoal wrote:Nice job on the installation. I was curious about the baro when I saw the pictures, then I saw it poking out in the one picture. You are probably aware that fly ash builds up behind the baffle plate by the outlet of the stove. The baro serves 2 purposes on your install, it regulates the draft and you can remove it to get in and vacuum out the fly ash easily.

BTW I had problems with the squirrel cage on the blower, it got loaded with dust and cat/dog fur. I cut a piece of AC filter and placed it under the little cover that holds the screen over the air intake (on top of the screen). It's easy to keep clean with a vacuum.

I also see that you have the same problem that I have with wires, I have to have them all coiled up neatly and cable tied as well. I moved a lot of stuff around at my desk and all the PC wires are askew...makes me nuts, I ran out of cable ties. :shock:

About that snow falling in your house.....

Great idea about the AC foam filter, I've thought about doing that and don't have to wonder if anyone has tried it. Without a filter the squirrel cage gets dirty, out of balance and starts to vibrate -making a lot of noise :x
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