Power vent for oil burner

Power vent for oil burner

PostBy: bybyoil On: Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:03 pm

Does anybody know what PA code says about how far an uninsulated stove pipe needs to be away from a combustable (wood ceiling joists in a basement) to be in compliance? I am weighing the cost of this setup versus using insulated pipe because I was shocked at a price of a $100 plus for a 4 foot section of insulated pipe. I have to run 5 feet of pipe off the oil boiler going up then turn 90 degrees and go 30 feet along the basement ceiling to vent out the side of the house. If this gets too costly my second idea was just to swap stovepipes; the coal to the oil in my single flue masonry chimney. Since I probably would only have to do this if I go on a winter vacation it might be the best and least expensive way. I use a wheelchair have good arms and strength but the simpler the better. Is it hard to swap stove pipes and does anyone have suggestions for the best way? I just tried to pull my oil flue pipe out of the thimble and it is pretty tight and I did not want to disturb the stove cement so I abandoned my test and thought I would first ask the question to see if anybody has a good way to do it without do much hassle. Thanks for you help.
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Re: Power vent for oil burner

PostBy: Adamiscold On: Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:04 pm

I believe it's 18 inches.
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