Tell me about a Kurland Boiler

Tell me about a Kurland Boiler

PostBy: CoalJockey On: Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:10 pm

Hey fellas

In the process of installing a used EFM 520. It is a unit that was more or less "custom built". Jack Ryan at Mahanoy City refurbished and built it for me.

It is the 520 feeder and burner but is adapted to a Kurland Boiler. This boiler is just as heavy built if not heavier than the standard EFM boiler. When you look at the EFM and Kurland boiler side by side they are nearly identical. The domestic coil is in the front but Jack moved it there from the back.

Anyone know anything about there Kurland Boilers??? On the firedoor it says "KURLAND.... MCADOO HEIGHTS PA"
Did these units have their own make of stoker under them? I guess it possibly could have come from a hand fired unit also. Sure looks alot like the EFM boiler and the size dimensions are nearly the same. Ill have to post some pics when I get a chance. I posted on the EFM board but I dont think anyone responded.

I think it is really going to work well. Just starting to hook up the plumbing now. I am starting to anticipate already :lol:
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