SWG Powervent Install

SWG Powervent Install

PostBy: Hondaracer2oo4 On: Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:51 pm

So I have bought a reading Allegheny stove used to supplement my heating. My only choice is a power vent so I was planning to use the SWG to powervent out of the side of the house. I am planning on putting the stove in the living room which is the only place I can find to put it and that satisfies all of the instructions that I found on the installation manual on the Liesure Line site. I have a window on the wall which seems like reading the directions on the liesure line site says it has to be 48 inches from the window. If I got 48 inches from the window I have 13 inches left until the corner of the room. Will that be enough room between the double wall 4 inch that comes through the power vent and the wall to install? I know that I have to use double wall 6 inch which gives a minumum clearance of 6 inches to a wall but how big is the outer diameter of the double wall 6 inch? If I ad some type of air space will that reduce the clearance even more on the double wall 6 inch? Or how about I place a 90 elbow coming off of the double wall 4 inch and take it away from the wall? Is there a reducer available to hook the 4 inch double to 6 inch double? I know there is alot of questions in here but I have never done this before. The only other question I have is one the Alaska stoves website they sell the same kit as leisure line does and in there installation directions they state that the power vent needs to only be 1 foot away from a window horizontally. It says in the Leisure line instructions that its is 4 feet for a non direct vent. For direct vents it is 1 foot minimum from a window. They seem to think the directions are including a powervent when they say direct vent. I cant see why it wouldnt be the same thing, a direct vent is going to be pushing the gases out just like the power vent is going to so I cant see why a direct vent would have the 1 foot clearance and the powervent would require the same as a non direct vent. Just doesnt make sense to me! Here is the alaska swg manual---- http://www.townleycoal.com/pdfs/alaska_ ... manual.pdf

And here is Leisure Lines instructions at the bottom-- http://www.leisurelinestoves.com/

Thanks for the help!
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Re: SWG Powervent Install

PostBy: LsFarm On: Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:24 pm

Please don't double post.. [it fills the forum with double posts, and makes following the topic difficult] I'll leave the other topic in place.

SWG Powervent Install

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